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About Us!

The Student African American Brotherhood, SAAB, was founded on October 17, 1990 on the campus of Georgia Southwestern State University.

SAAB has grown to more than 200 chapters across college and university campuses; middle and high schools in more than 39 states in the United States.

Gordon State Chapter was fonded fall 2009.

What is SAAB?



“ SAAB's mission is to form a powerful message of empowerment and success to young me in the Gordon State College community and to increase the graduation rate by creating a positive peer community based on a spirit of caring.”

Brother2Brother Schedule


  • Fall 2012 Semester will begin with Club Day, Monday August 20
  • An event (picnic) will be held Aug. 24 or 25 at the for current & potential members
  • Leadership Training every Wednesday at 2PM from Sept 5 - Oct 17
  • Leadership Training sessions concerns/business (roundtable discussions, campus/community involvement, team building, and advisement sessions) and leadership training
  • Election will be held to fill all open offices
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September 12, 2012

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Our programs are designed to help young men to become accountable, caring people and acquire skills for taking in the democratic process.