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Committees of Brother2Brother!

Academic Committee

  • •Provides academic advising and support.
  • Responsible for coordinating and connections Saab participants with various campus resources.


Personal Development Committee

  • •Plans all educational programs Foster student development and learning among the membership.
  • Educational seminar conducted by members or guest speakers.
  • Resume and PDPon file.

Service Committee

  • •Coordinates all service-learning initiatives within the community for SAAB members.
  • The notion here is have SAAB members understand the importance of giving back and to embrace the principle of service to mankind.
  • Habitat for Humanity, Big Brothers - Big Sisters, and Boys Scout of American.

Spiritual-Enrichment/Social Committee

  • •Provide opportunites for members to bond and socialize.
  • Plans all spiritual and social events (i.e., schurch, movies, bowling, plays, etc.
  • SAAB is not a faith-based organization.

Financial Affairs Committee

  • •.Coordinates all fiscal matters of the group.
  • Responsible for providing financial seminars for the membership.
  • Sessions on money management, consumer credit information, investment opportunities, entrepreneurial-ship, business plan and general programming around financial literacy.

Membership/Public Relations Committee

  • •.Coordinates all, membership-related matters along with publicizing all S.A.A.B.-related events/programs.
  • Maintain the membership roster and database, promoting the use of technology (i.e., PowerPoint presentations.)
  • New member orientation and the promotion and publicity of all chapter activities, and programs to include the meeting times and location(s).


There is a dress code.”

Brother2Brother Affirmation

Begin With the End in Mind

  • In order to empoer ourselves and promote brotherhood, We the brothers of the SAAB, embrace the principles of accountability, proactive leadership, self-displine, and intellectual development. Through our beliefs and convictions, we uphold this mission at all times.

      "I am my Brother's keeper,
      And together we will rise."

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Our programs are designed to help young men to become accountable, caring people and acquire skills for taking in the democratic process.